Equity Release Testimonials


Charles Aldridge

  • I feel I have to write this review and I have not been pressured to do so. I recently contacted Security Financial Services for advice on a possible equity release plan on my home. I have dealt with Security Financial Services before and was very satisfied. I was sceptical about equity release at first but felt that it was the only way I was going to be able to afford to stay in my home. I am single. The broker, Greville Phillips acted with the utmost kindness and professionalism. His advice was second to none. He explored every other avenue in an attempt to keep my home without releasing equity but in the end we both decided it was the best option for me to be able to keep my home. He provided a viable plan with the lowest interest rate possible which enabled me to clear my mortgage and also provide my daughter with a bit of money towards a deposit for a house. I actually can’t thank Greville enough for what he has done for me. He was always available for questions, he was always very friendly and cheerful and I knew I could take him at his word as he was always concerned about my interests and seemed to really care. I would highly recommend Security Financial Services, not only for equity release, I have re-mortgaged through them in the past.

    SN of Essex

  • I cannot speak highly enough of Greville. He was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is another Financial Advisor who deals with another aspect of the industry. Due to health reasons I found myself in need of needing some financial assistance from my Mother to rescue my business. Having explored other avenues we decided as a family that the best option based on the circumstances would be to apply for an Equity Release Loan. My mum had a relatively small amount owed on an interest only mortgage so the Equity Release Loan has cleared the existing mortgage, provided me with a lump sum and my Mum has released some equity which will allow her to carry out some home improvements of her own and have some money set aside in a reserve fund for any emergency and unforeseen expenses. Greville went through the whole process, step by step over a number of meetings at my Mum’s house, he explained in great detail all of the pros and cons and also explained the exact cost involved including his own remuneration and the solicitors fees involved. There was no pressure and he put all our minds at ease with his charming, helpful manner, exceptional knowledge of the product and his all-round professionalism and nothing was too much trouble for him. He kept us fully advised throughout the whole process and remained in contact even after the loan was completed and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks for everything Greville. What a top man !

    DG of Essex

  • Thank you Greville Phillips for all of your help in organising my equity release. Greville always showed great patience, diligence and subject knowledge. I never felt rushed into purchasing a product, in fact, many meetings and phone calls were made to ensure I fully understood all the information provided. I had great confidence that the equity release company was being chosen to best suit me. Greville has been on hand throughout the process and after. I would highly recommend.

    JP of Essex

  • Greville was recommended to us by a friend and we contacted him to get more information and advice on Equity Release. After taking brief details of our situation and potential needs Greville came to our house to discuss options in detail. How refreshing to come across someone in the financial world who does not try to sell you something for the sake of it-in fact Greville helped us realise what we already suspected-that Equity Release at this time was not our best option. At all times he was professional and explained things clearly without treating us like idiots. Greville is very knowledgeable in his field and we would highly recommend him.

    Mr and Mrs C, Brentwood

  • We contacted Grev Phillips with an Equity Release enquiry following a glowing recommendation received from one of our neighbours. From the outset Grev could not do enough to help us understand the implications and costs involved in effecting an Equity Release mortgage on our property. We had 3 separate meetings with Grev who put us totally at ease with his style of communication, in a very relaxed atmosphere, whilst demonstrating a true level of professionalism. He actively encouraged us to look at alternatives to Equity Release such as downsizing, borrowing the money from family, effecting a mortgage that the children could pay for etc. He also looked at the purpose of our borrowing and posed what if? questions on the ability to continue living in our home should one of us suffer a disability. After ensuring that we had discussed the matter with our children and the implications to them of effecting this type of mortgage on our Estate, we proceeded to apply to a lender for the mortgage. Throughout the mortgage process Grev kept us fully informed and answered any questions we posed to ensure we fully understood what we had entered into. We can only state from personal experience that Grev provided us with the product that most suited our circumstances and showed the utmost professionalism throughout our dealings with him. As a result of this we would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone interested in Equity Release.

    Sharon & Chas Aldridge - Braintree, Essex

  • I am sending this email to highly recommend your financial services. The care and attention to details was truly amazing. Nothing was to much trouble for Mr Greville Phillips and every step was explained. Greville was professional at all times but I came to look on him as a friend, a very supportive friend. Greville was on the end of the telephone whenever I needed. Greville you have been amazing and I can't thank you enough

    Marilyn from Somerset

  • Dear Greville, This is to thank you so much again for all your help and advice with my equity release. Your help, as in the past, has been excellent – many thanks

    Mrs T, Corringham, Essex

  • Dear Greville, This is to thank you so much for all your attention and help and advice in the matter of Equity Release. This has now been settled in a very satisfactory manner and has brought me much relief and freedom from financial worry.

    Mrs T, Corringham, Essex

  • My 75 year old grandparents were recently in a bad situation with an interest only mortgage that had come to the end of its term and they had no means to pay it. We were recommended Greville and contacted him regarding a life time mortgage. Greville is thoughtful, caring, friendly, professional and an absolute expert in his field. Nothing is too much trouble and we felt we could contact him anytime with any questions. He went absolutely above and beyond, keeping us updated at every single stage. He made what seemed like at the time an impossible situation much easier and was somehow able to ease the stress when needed. He is such a lovely man and he genuinely cared about the situation we were in and wanted nothing more than to help. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone! I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for us. Antonia Reading

    Antonia Reading, Warrington

  • If you are considering a lifetime mortgage talk to Greville Phillips at Security Financial Services. He'll go through everything with you and put your mind at ease. I cannot recommend Greville enough. He made everything so easy and it was a pleasure dealing with him. Obviously it's a big decision to make but it's a decision I made with all the necessary information provided and no pressure. Give him a ring, you won't regret it.

    Pam C of Dorset

  • My dear Greville, Sue and I would just like to thank you for the professional, efficient and most importantly, friendly way you handled our applications for an equity release mortgage. From our first meeting on 11th. December, when you clearly explained to us all the various products, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each, finding us the exact type of mortgage we needed with one of the top U.K. providers, recommending an excellent solicitor to carry out the necessary legal aspects. ALWAYS keeping in touch with all parties, and keeping us informed at all times. You were always available to answer our queries, even though it was the Christmas and New Year period, right up to the present day, just 38 days later, when all funds are now in our account. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to our friends and family. Yours most sincerely, Colin and Susan Buist.

    Colin and Susan Buist of Essex

  • Mr Greville Phillips of Security Financial Services provided me with efficient and very friendly personal services leading to securing an equity release loan for me within an expected period of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody seeking a similar loan.

    Mr B of London

  • We were very unsure of equity release and were hearing different stories when we explored this option many years ago and felt uneasy about the possible pitfalls that we was worried about and decided not to do it. Recently we looked at it again, this time with the help of Greville Phillips, who answered every possible question. He was so professional and I must say is a credit to his profession, nothing was too much trouble. He explained everything in fine detail, to make everything clear in simple terms. His help and advice was absolutely amazing. We did the equity release and now with the help of Greville, our future looks bright and we are stress free and can start to live a better life. We would without any doubt recommend anyone seeking equity release to speak to Greville, he sorted everything out from start to finish.

    Mr and Mrs C, Essex

  • We recently re-mortgaged and were put in touch with Greville Phillips. After an initial phone call, he came to see us at home and went through in detail our options. We went ahead with his suggestions, and throughout the process he kept us informed and updated on every part of the process. The matter completed in about 4 weeks which was very quick and efficient. If we were looking to discuss mortgages or finances again, we will definitely contact Greville. A really genuine and helpful person.

    Mr & Mrs J of Essex

  • Greville was extremely helpful as he gave good honest advise and encouraged us to explore other options of financial support before considering equity release, saving my elderly mum thousands of pounds. Greville was very patient with my mum who is hard of hearing and she felt very comfortable talking to him and discussing her financial situation. Greville was more than happy to discuss the financial options available to her allowing her to make an informed decision. My mum has said that if she needs further financial assistance in the future she will be contacting Greville as he came across as honest and trustworthy and would happily recommend him to family and friends’

    Mr and Mrs Corless, Essex

  • My mother passed away in 2015 leaving my wife and I a property with a small mortgage. We wanted to live in the property and assumed that we would be able to continue paying down the mortgage. However, the existing lender insisted that I, as executor, had one year to clear the £60K debt! My wife and I were too old to get a mortgage, so the lender suggested we seek a Lifetime Mortgage. After speaking to several people I came across Greville Phillips, at Security Financial Services. Greville came to our house and explained everything in great detail in a most warm and friendly manner. It was obvious that his knowledge of his products was extensive. Our case proved to be extremely complicated and was fraught with problems; it was a leasehold property, it was ex-local authority, we needed a Deed of Variation, the lease was not long enough etc. etc. The whole process took four teams of solicitors almost 18 months (8 months just for the lease extension) and Greville was with us every step of the way offering help, advise, and support at a very stressful time - he even saved us some money by pulling up the original lender for making a charge that was not required! All in all Greville Phillips epitomises customer service at its highest level; he is also a right good egg!

    P & J Hammond - Sutton, Surrey

  • When we first looked into Equity Release I must say we were rather nervous. Then we discovered Greville Phillips and within a few hours we realised here is a man that knows what he is talking about. Greville took us through each stage and explained every detail that there was but he did not put us under any pressure at all. In fact, it’s fair to say Greville was the one to say to us go away and go through all the documents, ask me about anything you want and I'm here at the end of the phone. And he was. I can say in all honesty he never missed a call from me and answered everything I asked him and things I had not thought about. The one thing he did say was this, take your time, don't rush it, I will still be here for you in six months if that's how long it takes for you to decide whether this is right for you. Greville found us the best provider and we are very happy and cannot thank him enough. He really is the best.

    Mr and Mrs Niblett of Bristol

  • We were thinking about looking into Equity Release, to enable us to do some home improvements and maybe update the car, when a friend recommended Greville Phillips a mortgage / equity release adviser. We are so pleased to say that we contacted Greville. We knew nothing about equity release but Greville’s advice and help made the process so easy and stress free. He guided us through each step of the way. He was always at the end of the phone to answer any queries we may have had. Nothing was too much trouble for him. We were soon accepted for our equity release and it just could not have gone more smoothly thanks to Greville. A great big thankyou to Greville Phillips.

    Mr and Mrs G of Essex

  • Over recent months I have had to make adjustments to my financial matters. I was recommended to Greville Phillips and found him to be a great help. He is knowledgable, professional and put me completely as ease, explaining everything as we went along. Nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend Greville to anyone seeking financial advice.

    Brenda Cramer, Clacton, Essex

  • Hi Greville, I simply can't thank you enough for your help. When looking at financial products, where do you start? Well, it's always good to ask a trusted contact, which is what I did, and they recommended you. I can totally see why. Your friendly, yet highly professional approach is excellent. You kept us fully informed, liaised with the lawyers and delivered what we required exactly on time. Your service has been absolutely perfect and I would recommend you to all my friends and contacts; in fact I already have! I would happily speak with any of your potential clients to assure them that they will be highly impressed with what you do, and to make sure that they enlist your help. Kind regards and my very best wishes Martin

    Martin Walker of Stock, Essex

  • Due to family crisis we needed to raise a substantial sum. The only option was to consider equity release something we were cautious about . Having described our circumstances, Greville went to great lengths to explain the full ramifications of taking this step and all its subsequent possible consequences never once trying to influence our decision. He was 100% honest and transparent in his negotiations on our behalf and kept us fully involved in everything and did not act without first consulting us and obtaining approval. Overall the process was in the predicted timescale and all went without any problems. I would also recommend that you use his recommended legal advisors as these were first class and affordable. To sum up...trustworthy and diligent/honest...use with total trust. Ps....Neil makes a nice cuppa !!

    John White, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex

  • I recently had reason to seek advice regarding my mother’s property/mortgage situation. Always complex given she is 83 and other family members had less than positive motivations. I was recommended Greville Phillips. Having been in business many years and understanding how complex finance issues are, I was amazed at the clarity Greville brought to the situation. Even my mother understood the picture. The complexity was brilliantly turned into something clear and less scary. I would also say that the deftness with which Greville managed the sensitivity of other parties was statesman like. So if you have a complex scenario that needs solution where financial institutions, older parents, warring family members and complexity need bringing together, with a good outcome, I would suggest you talk to Greville. I would also go as far as to say that I am willing to talk “one to one” with anyone who wants a reference.

    Alistair Agnew, London

  • We’d heard about equity release but were a little sceptical. However, we thought we’d find out a bit more about it and made an appointment to meet with Greville Phillips. Greville came to see us at our home and took the time to get to know us and what we were hoping to achieve. To our surprise, rather than launching into why we should take out an equity release plan, he then spent time going through all the alternative ways we could possibly go about providing the funds we were after. At no time were we made to feel awkward or pressurised into making a decision. In fact, Greville insisted that we should not make any snap decisions and that we should have a good think about things first. We actually had several meetings with Greville. We finally decided to take out a drawdown lifetime mortgage and Greville arranged this for us coordinating everything from start to finish. We cannot recommend Greville enough. He is very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and you can trust him.

    John and Irene, Brentwood, Essex

  • Having realized that my wife and I needed a Financial Adviser to help us to sort out a particular problem we subsequently contacted Mr Greville Phillips on the recommendation of a friend. This recommendation turned out to be exactly what we needed and both my wife and I would have no hesitation in also recommending Greville. He kept us informed throughout every step of the way. He made sure that we understood every word. He pointed out the good and the not so good sections in all the paperwork involved. He spoke to us not at us. We consider Grev to be excellent at his job and he doesn’t try to baffle one with science.

    Mr and Mrs C of Hutton, Brentwood, Essex

  • After much thought, we decided to look for an equity release scheme in order to provide funds for a major home improvement project. Greville Phillips of Security Financial Services was recommended to us and we duly contacted him and made an appointment for him to visit us at home. Greville was very thorough on our first meeting and explained comprehensively the different types of equity release schemes and how each one would affect us in the future and we were given a document to peruse giving us a total overview of equity release. Once the decision was made to go ahead, the process to completion was swift and efficient and communication from Greville was outstanding at all times. We would have no hesitation in recommending Greville to others who wish to proceed with an equity release scheme.

    Mr and Mrs A of Essex

  • “I can sometimes get things done where others have failed to do so.........” These were the words of Greville Phillips, Security Financial Services after outlining to him my somewhat difficult circumstances and having previously tried several other sources in the market without success. Greville remarkably succeeded with my Lifetime Mortgage advance and once the ball was rolling, Greville kept me up to speed in the process every step of the way. I had spent months trying to achieve what Greville achieved for me in just a few weeks. I cannot praise him enough and will have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone requiring any similar products and services in the future.

    Mr S of Surrey

  • When we recently decided to release some of the equity in our home, we were looking for someone who could help us. We were introduced to Mr. Greville Phillips who arranged to meet us at our house. Mr. Phillips proved himself to be a very likeable, knowledgeable and capable young man, advising us of all the options open to us, and helping us every step of the way - keeping in touch with us - until completion. We would definitely recommend Mr. Phillips to anyone looking for financial advice.

    Chris and Derek Davis of North London

  • I have had a problem in the last couple of years that my interest only mortgage had come to an end and I had no way of repaying the lender back the money that I owed them. A very dear trusted friend of mine recommended Greville Phillips who was a Mortgage, Equity Release & Protection Advisor attached to Security Financial Services based in South Woodham Ferrers Essex to come and have a chat with me. I'd heard of equity release but I'd didn't know too much about it. After a meeting with Greville who explained everything in depth to me I took the paperwork back to my friend fora discussion and this seemed exactly what I was looking for. After a couple more meeting and discussions with Greville Phillips I signed up to a lifetime mortgage, I didn't know it was going to be this easy to get rid of my problem and if certainly has, If anybody wants to contact me I will gladly answer any questions that you wish to ask me. At 71 years old I didn't need any stress and believe me I haven't now.

    Tony Dow of Ramsden Heath, Billericay, Essex

  • Having worked with Greville Phillips on a regular basis, Ashfords can say that we find him one of the most professional, efficient and accomplished advisors that we have the pleasure of working with. He is always willing to go the extra mile for the clients ensuring that we all come together to deliver the best service possible. You can be assured that nothing is too much trouble for Greville and that he always has the client’s best interests at heart. He is a joy to work alongside and we always feel confident that we can go to him with client queries and be met with a positive and friendly response. We look forward to our working relationship continuing.

    Ashfords LLP Solicitors


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